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Aug 02
O Saliva, where art thou? (aka the subject of dry mouth)

the subject of dry mouth Have you ever felt like your mouth is as dry as the Sahara Desert itself? You can’t swallow properly, your lips are chapped and your tongue sticks to your palate. You become distracted and can’t rest until you had a sip of water (or ten). Many of us suffer from […]

Jul 01
visit the dentist in covid-19 – the changed patient journey in the pandemic

Visit the dentist in covid-19 Not so long ago (although it feels like a lifetime ago and in a different universe), a visit to the dentist seemed like a walk in the park – except perhaps for those who suffer from dental anxiety. You would casually stroll in, check in at reception, sit in the […]

May 31
sensitive teeth – a sensitive subject

sensitive teeth There are very few people who have never experienced that sudden jarring pain following a bite of ice cream or taking a sip from an ice-cold or hot drink. This article will consider the causes, the dos and dont’s, and the prevention and maintenance of tooth sensitivity (fancy name: dentine hypersensitivity – DHS). […]

May 10
the ‘flossophy’ of interdental cleaning

The ‘flossophy’ of interdental cleaning Everybody knows the importance of a good routine when cleaning teeth; however, toothbrushing alone isn’t sufficient enough to maintain healthy teeth and gums. This article aims to educate you on the significance of interdental cleaning, giving you the tools, and an understanding of the correct method. Don’t forget to learn […]

Mar 21
how to brush your teeth correctly

This article’s purpose is to provide advice about the correct toothbrushing technique and other useful tips to maintain healthy teeth and gums. how to brush your teeth correctly Firstly, let’s talk about why it is so important to brush your teeth and do it using the right method. Some might say it is mainly because […]

Feb 14
links between general health and oral health

‘It is time to put the mouth back into the body!’ This was a statement that I heard from a professional at one of the recent dental conferences I attended. Although many people tend to forget this, the mouth IS part of the body and not looking after your teeth and gums could lead to […]

Jan 21
is chocolate bad for your teeth?

This article considers the effects chocolate has on our oral health and tips on how to avoid damage caused by bad chocolate-eating habits. is chocolate really bad for your teeth? The short answer to the question is yes, chocolate is bad for your teeth. It is very easy to make statements like this, however, it is […]

Dec 23
5 Habits for Good Personal Care to Know

Some people might overlook the vital role of oral hygiene not only to look good, feel good, but also become healthy. When we experience tooth decay, we go through not only the pain but also missed opportunities and issues with our self-esteem.  Cavities can also result in an infection that can increase the risk of […]

Dec 16
All You Need To Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal in 2023

all you need to know about wisdom teeth removal Despite the moniker, wisdom teeth have nothing to do with wisdom. They have more to do with our ancestors’ evolutionary leftovers and, for some people, pain. While wisdom teeth played a role when cooking and fire were yet to be invented, today, there is simply no […]

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