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May 10
the ‘flossophy’ of interdental cleaning

The ‘flossophy’ of interdental cleaning Everybody knows the importance of a good…

Mar 21
how to brush your teeth correctly

This article’s purpose is to provide advice about the correct toothbrushing technique…

Feb 14
links between general health and oral health

‘It is time to put the mouth back into the body!’ This was a statement that I heard…

Jan 21
is chocolate bad for your teeth?

This article considers the effects chocolate has on our oral health and tips on how to…

Dec 23
5 Habits for Good Personal Care to Know

Some people might overlook the vital role of oral hygiene not only to look good, feel…

Dec 16
wisdom teeth removal – all you need to know about it in 2020

all you need to know about wisdom teeth removal Despite the moniker, wisdom teeth have…

Dec 09
guide to teeth whitening & why you need it

Flossing and brushing are typical everyday practices to keep your teeth healthy and…

Dec 02
4 Reasons You Need to Get Your Teeth Straightened

Should you get your teeth straightened? Not sure if the entire operation is worth the…

Nov 24
Our Guide on Teeth Whitening – the Causes of Teeth Stains

Teeth stains are often unsightly for many people. We now live in a world where other…

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