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Jul 01
visit the dentist – the changed patient journey under covid-19 in 2020

visit the dentist Not so long ago (although it feels like a lifetime ago and in a…

May 31
sensitive teeth – a sensitive subject

sensitive teeth There are very few people who have never experienced that sudden…

May 10
the ‘flossophy’ of interdental cleaning

The ‘Flossophy’ of interdental cleaning Everybody knows the importance of a good…

Mar 21
how to brush your teeth correctly

This article’s purpose is to provide advice about the correct toothbrushing technique…

Feb 14
links between general and oral health

‘It is time to put the mouth back into the body!’ This was a statement that I have…

Jan 21
is chocolate really bad for your teeth?

This article considers the effects chocolate has on our oral health and tips on how to…

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