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5 Habits for Good Personal Care to Know

Some people might overlook the vital role of oral hygiene not only to look good, feel good, but also become healthy. When we experience tooth decay, we go through not only the pain but also missed opportunities and issues with our self-esteem. 

Cavities can also result in an infection that can increase the risk of compromised immune systems. Oral diseases can also worsen conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and esophageal carcinomas, if not treated early.

To prevent the effects of tooth decay to your teeth, gums, and to the rest of your body, follow the five habits for good personal care to maintain clean oral hygiene.

1. Brushing your teeth with proper techniques

The best and most common way to prevent tooth decay and gum disease is brushing your teeth. Keep in mind that brushing must be done with proper techniques to cleanse your mouth effectively. Brushing must be done at least twice in a day for at least two minutes each. 

The best technique is to brush with short strokes in a back-and-forth motion while holding the brush at a 45-degree angle to the gums. Make sure to cover all the parts of your teeth, especially the back where bacteria can hide. 

2. Flossing your gums

Brushing alone cannot remove the food particles from your mouth that form the cavities and bacteria. You must also prioritize flossing to ensure thorough cleaning of all parts of your mouth. Make sure to floss using clean floss only and not to reuse the dirty ones. It will only return the bacteria inside your mouth. Moreover, try to be as careful as possible to avoid gum bleeding. For more, read the flossophy of interdental cleaning.

3. Using mouthwash regularly

To ensure that your mouth is squeaky clean, gargle with a cleansing mouth. Before spitting out, rinse vigorously for at least 30 seconds. Make sure that you reached all the surfaces of your mouth, which should include the back of your tongue. This habit will help eliminate the bacteria in your saliva and keep your breath smelling fresh all day.

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4. Going to the dentist regularly

Dentists recommend that you have a regular dental check-up at least twice a year to ensure proper oral hygiene. It is good to have a scheduled dental check-up for the whole family. Make sure that children also have a dental check-up. It is better to start them young with good habits to prevent oral health problems along the way. Find a dentist near you!

5. Having a healthy diet

You should pair your good oral hygiene habits with a healthy diet. It is best to avoid too much sugar and acidic food to prevent cavities. The presence of sugar in the mouth can destroy the protective enamel coating of the teeth. Choose to eat healthy fruits, vegetables, and only lean proteins instead of processed ones. 


Taking care of your teeth and mouth should be a priority for everyone’s personal care. When people think of personal care, they instantly think of going to the gym, maintaining a healthy diet, or having flawless skin. Every person that looks great on the outside should always be at their best on the inside. It means that we need to take extra care of our oral hygiene first since it’s the best step toward personal care.

If you are looking to learn more about oral hygiene, get in touch with the local orthodontist to see how we can help today!

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