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Welcome to Anne`s Lane Dental Clinic!

We offer a wide range of treatments to meet your dental needs.

Our goal is to provide exceptional care while keeping treatments as conservative as possible.

During your assessment visit, we will thoroughly examine your oral health, including oral cancer screening, gum health evaluation, and tooth examination using magnification and high-resolution imaging.

We will discuss personalized treatment options and work with you to create a comfortable and convenient treatment plan.

Regular dental exams and professional cleanings are essential for maintaining oral health, but we also strive to empower you with the knowledge and techniques for daily self-care. In addition to dental care, we also offer facial aesthetic treatments that can enhance your appearance and boost your confidence.

Our surgical services include procedures such as extraction of decayed retained roots and wisdom teeth, as well as biopsies for suspicious lumps and lesions.

We are committed to providing comprehensive care and guiding you on your journey towards optimal oral health.

At Anne’s Lane Dental, we are proud to introduce you to our experienced general dentist, Dr. Paul Hooi. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Paul is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to all of our patients.

Paul’s journey in dentistry began at the prestigious Dublin Dental University Hospital, Trinity College Dublin, where he completed his dental training. His approach to dentistry is characterized by care, conscientiousness, and precision. He understands the importance of taking the time to identify each patient’s specific concerns in order to achieve their individual treatment goals.

Prior to his career in dentistry, Paul excelled as a mechanical engineer and earned his MSc with distinction in computer-aided engineering from Queen’s University, Belfast. He then ventured into the medical device industry, where he developed innovative closure technology for minimally invasive vascular surgery. With his methodical mindset and extensive engineering experience in computer-aided design and rapid prototyping, Paul brings cutting-edge digital dentistry techniques to Anne’s Lane Dental. This includes 3D scanning, designing, milling, and 3D printing of bespoke dental restorations.

Paul’s commitment to lifelong learning led him to pursue a PhD in resin-strengthening of dental ceramic materials. His technical expertise greatly influences his approach to dentistry, and he feels genuine excitement about providing treatments such as veneers, crown and bridge work, root canal treatments, implant crowns, and removable orthodontic treatments.

At Anne’s Lane Dental, we believe that informed patients make the best decisions for their dental health. Paul takes the time to thoroughly explain the details of proposed dental treatments, ensuring that patients are well-informed about the various options available to enhance their smiles. He is passionate about continuing professional development and regularly attends dental conferences both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, Paul has contributed to the field of dentistry by publishing and presenting his own peer-reviewed original research at conferences in Ireland and abroad.

Giving back to the community is an important value for Paul. He has actively contributed to dental education by teaching dental students at Dublin Dental University Hospital. Additionally, he has provided dental care to an Irish team at an orphanage in Belarus.

Paul understands the perspective of the nervous patient and makes every effort to create a welcoming and comfortable environment. He looks forward to welcoming you to Anne’s Lane Dental and putting you at ease with his friendly and caring nature.

Dr. Bebhinn is a highly skilled and dedicated professional in her field. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work, and her commitment to providing excellent care is evident in everything she does. Dr. Bebhinn’s passion for helping others shines through, making her a trusted and respected member of the medical community. With her compassionate approach and attention to detail, patients can feel confident that they are in capable hands.

At Anne’s Lane Dental, your smile is in good hands. Schedule an appointment with Paul or Bebhinn today and experience exceptional dental care tailored to your individual needs.

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