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professional teeth whitening (what to expect?)

Over time, our teeth will eventually lose their pearly white color and begin to yellow. 

Many things can cause teeth discoloration. These include drinking too much coffee and smoking, among others. 

If you want to whiten your teeth and be able to confidently smile again without feeling conscious about what people might think about your yellowing teeth, then you should consider professional teeth whitening.

Among the marketed and known solutions to whiten teeth, professional teeth whitening is by far the most effective.

It can give you optimum results quicker than other DIY whitening options.

Because of its noticeable result, professional teeth whitening has become popular among those who want to whiten their teeth but have been dissatisfied with over-the-counter and do-it-yourself whitening products and kits.

As professional teeth whitening is performed by or under the supervision of a certified and experienced dentist, rest assured that the procedure is approved and tested by health authorities.

This also means that unlike when you purchase OTC whitening kits that do not guarantee results, you are sure to enjoy the benefits of every penny you spend in professional teeth whitening.

If you’re planning to get professional teeth whitening, read on so you can better prepare yourself for the procedure.

How long does in-office professional teeth whitening take?

In-office professional teeth whitening is not a complicated procedure.

The treatment itself does not take too long.

However, the dentist or the clinic staff need to set up equipment and prepare the items that will be needed for the service.

All in all, the entire procedure will be completed between 60 and 90 minutes.

What happens during professional teeth whitening treatment?

Before beginning with the whitening procedure, the dentist will first record your teeth’s current shade.

Next, your teeth will be polished using pumice. The grainy material will remove the plaque on your teeth’s surface.

Then, to keep the teeth dry, they will be isolated from the rest of your mouth using some gauze.

Retractors may also be used to keep the tongue, cheeks, and lips away from the teeth and the whitening solution.

Then, the dentist will position a barrier next to the gumline.

The barrier will further protect the gums from exposure to the whitening solution.

Next, the dentist will coat the teeth’s front surface with the whitening solution.

By the way, the whitening solution typically includes carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, which serves as the bleaching agent.

Then, a curing light, usually a laser, will be used to activate the bleaching agent.

The solution will then be left on the teeth for at least 30 minutes.

Depending on the brand and the recommended application procedure for the specific whitening product, the dentist may also re-apply the solution every once in a while during the waiting time.

When the optimum shade has been reached or the maximum curing time has passed (whichever comes first), the dentist will rinse the teeth.

He or she will then apply fluoride to help ease tooth sensitivity.

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