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Oral Health Injuries in Sport

Exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, so it’s imperative that we include it in our daily routine to make sure that our bodies and minds are healthy.

That said, there are certain risks associated with playing sports, especially where your teeth are concerned.

You could end up getting your teeth knocked out, so it’s crucial that you learn how to protect yourself to prevent that.

To make sure that our teeth will be safe when we play sports, we need to know what injuries we may sustain and how to deal with them if the need arises. 

Check out the list of the most common oral health injuries in sport below.

oral health injuries in sport

Soft Tissue Injuries:

Cuts, bruises, and abrasions in the soft tissues such as the lips, gum, and cheeks are very common in contact sports.

To avoid soft tissue injuries, get a mouth guard.


Facial bone fractures are also quite common, as your face can take quite a beating when you’re into sports such as basketball, football, and boxing.

The zygomatic bone and the mandible are the areas that are most at risk, so you should make a conscious effort to keep them from harm.

Tooth intrusion:

When a tooth is pushed downward into the gum line, it can cut your circulation.

If this happens,  you need to make sure that the tooth stays in the same spot.

Don’t try to remove the tooth on your own no matter what.

Just put ice on it and go see a dentist immediately.

Tooth extrusion:

This is when a tooth is pushed out of its socket and is barely hanging on to your gums. 

Again, you must not try to remove the tooth on your own no matter how fragile it becomes. 

As with a tooth intrusion, ice it and see a dentist as soon as possible.

Crown and root fractures:

This is a major problem that can have a long-lasting effect on your well-being, so it’s essential to take care of this issue with absolute care.

These injuries are caused by blunt force trauma to the side of one’s head, which makes it a common problem among football and rugby players.

Oral Health Injuries in Sport


An avulsion occurs when one of your teeth is knocked clean out of your mouth.
If you act fast enough, you can still save the tooth, but you will need to store it in cold milk and see a dentist immediately.

Cracked tooth:

A cracked or chipped tooth can expose the nerve endings, which increases the risk of tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, and abrasions.

There are many options a dentist can take to treat this condition, so it’s best that you consult one immediately.

It’s Always Better to be Safe Than Sorry

When it comes to these types of injuries, it’s always better to take preventative measures rather than fixing the problems as they come.

A mouthguard can help prevent your teeth from colliding with each other, which is the leading cause of a broken or chipped tooth.

There are other solutions for people who want to protect their teeth and gums while playing sports, so you will have to ask your dentist about them.

If you’re looking for a professional and affordable dental care, dentadir is here to help you find the right one.

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