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how to get your teeth straightened

how to get your teeth straightened

Humans pay attention to facial features more than anything, as that’s how our brains are designed to function. 

We use another person’s facial queues as a way to determine whether they should be trusted or not.

When you have an imperfect set of teeth, it will have an effect on the perception other people have of you, which can hurt your self-esteem and career growth.

how to get your teeth straightened
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Why Straighten Your Teeth?

Not only do crooked teeth affect your look, but it can also have an impact on your health. 

For example, the areas where the teeth are bent out of shape can be the perfect location for plaque to start accumulating, which can lead to gum diseases and cavities.

Additionally, highly crooked teeth can cause some discomfort when you chew food, which can lead to poor dietary intake. 

This can have a long-term effect on your health, as when you can’t consume diverse groups of food, you will have a deficiency in certain nutrients. 

This, in turn, leaves your body susceptible to numerous illnesses.

If you’re looking for a way to deal with the issue of crooked teeth, here are three viable options you can consider:

how to get your teeth straightened

1. Traditional Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment has been around for centuries, but the modern variation is much more effective than any other that has come before. 

Orthodontics such as braces are designed to pull your teeth to the desired angle with the help of metal structures wired in place.

These devices are often worn by children, as that will help them to have straight, healthy teeth going forward. 

However,  adults can consider getting them as well. While the treatment may result in some discomfort at first, the long-term benefit is definitely worth the struggle.

2. Invisalign

If you’re worried about the look of your teeth during the teeth straightening process, Invisalign is the best alternative for traditional orthodontics. 

While this treatment option may not be as effective and the teeth may require a longer period of time to be pulled into position, the benefit of Invisalign is that it’s almost invisible at a glance.

This helps to ensure that you can maintain your professional look while receiving teeth straightening treatment at the same time. 

You can take the aligners off when you’re having a meal, which makes it a much more comfortable option, but you must clean your teeth afterwards before you put the devices back in place.

3. Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a combination of both treatments, as it takes the discreet look of Invisalign and mixes it with the teeth correction method of traditional orthodontics. 

The benefit of Six Month Smiles is that it’s highly convenient, which makes it the best solution for minor bite issues. 

The problem with this treatment option is that it’s not as effective as traditional orthodontics and are only designed to be used for small problems.

If you’re looking for a dental practice close to you to get your teeth fixed, take a look around and find one of our recommended dentists!

Paper photo created by freepik –

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