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Our Guide on Teeth Whitening – the Causes of Teeth Stains

Teeth stains are often unsightly for many people. We now live in a world where other people often equate our appearance with personality or character. Even something as small as teeth stains can be a cause of insult from other people.  Because of this, if you have teeth stains, you must remove them immediately. However, even before that, you must know what caused them in the first place so that you’ll know how to remove them and prevent such dental disasters in the future. 

What is a teeth stain?

A teeth stain is a dental discolouration caused by many different reasons, such as tea, nicotine, soda, sugar, wine, blueberries, and blackberries. It can also be caused by inadequate oral hygiene and substance abuse. Teeth stains typically occur on the surface of the tooth or just below the tooth enamel. 

Now that you know about teeth stains, it is also essential for you to know that tooth discolouration has three main categories, such as follows.

1. Extrinsic teeth stains refer to the surface staining

This occurs when the stain particles from the food and beverages you consume build up in the film of protein that covers the tooth enamel.  This type of staining is typically derived from tobacco smoking or excessive tea and coffee drinking.  However, your teeth won’t be able to accumulate this stain if you regularly brush your teeth.  Otherwise, such dental problems will undoubtedly occur.

2. Intrinsic teeth stains are harder to remove

Intrinsic teeth stains are beyond the surface.  These types of stains have penetrated the enamel and have dripped down below.  Excessive fluoride use can cause this type of problem, especially in children.  This problem is harder to remove because it also took a long time to get there.  Nevertheless, removal is still possible.  It may require bleaching, which can be done appropriately by professionals or with dental whitening products.

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This is typically caused by ageing.  As you grow older, your pearly whites will naturally fade, and the dentin will become yellow.  The enamel will also become thinner, revealing the dentin below.  This, along with other external factors, such as food and beverages, and extreme lifestyle choices, are the common reasons most elderly people have stained teeth.

Unusual causes of teeth stains

Aside from food and beverages, there are other uncommon factors that cause teeth to stain, such as the following:

1. Less oral care to none at all

Oral hygiene is often taken for granted by many people.  This can also cause teeth stains to spread rapidly. floss your teeth daily

2. Trauma or accident

Both chemotherapy and radiation can cause tooth discolouration as well.  Even heavy use of medication to battle certain illnesses and ailments can cause staining.  Some trauma or accident in the past may even lead to the blackening of the teeth, which indicates that it’s dead.

The good news about teeth stains is that they can be removed.  You can always gain your pearly whites back again, but not as high integrity as before.  If you want to regain health and white teeth, talk to your dentist so you’ll know how to address the problem.

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