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5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Whitening Your Teeth

Some people whiten their teeth to make themselves look younger, while others do it because they’re embarrassed about having stained teeth.

For those looking to be employed, white teeth can actually act as a deciding factor!

These are examples to show that there are many reasons people whiten their teeth.

That said, here are five things you must know when getting your teeth whitened:

Teeth whitening

1. Custom Devices are More Effective

Most, if not all, teeth whitening products contain the same ingredients. The only difference is how it is applied to your teeth. 

Custom-made devices are much more effective at reaching all the little nook and crannies in your teeth, allowing everything to come into contact with the product. 

While it is still all right to use standard trays, strips, or any other device, everyone’s teeth are different, meaning standard fittings won’t be as effective as ones custom-built to fit yours.

white teeth

2. Whitening Isn’t Damaging

Your teeth are prone to rough treatment and will damage over time, and the same can be said with teeth whitening. If you’re aggressive with your teeth whitening procedure, you’re going to hurt them. However, if you carefully follow instructions, teeth whitening is actually quite harmless. The ingredients in the teeth whitening product will only open your teeth’s pores up, removing stains, and then closing after a while.

If you’re worried about getting any of your dental works damaged, fret not. Fillings, caps, and other dental works are immune to the active ingredients of teeth-whitening products. However, this can be another downside, as the dental work, although already in your teeth’s natural color, cannot be whitened nor stained.

Also, because teeth-whitening products open up the pores of your teeth, it is recommended that you do it before bedtime. This reduces the chances of any stains getting back into your teeth and will give them time to rehydrate and mineralize overnight.

3. Teeth Absorb Color

Although teeth look like solid objects, they are actually similar to sponges. They have tiny pores that, unfortunately, are susceptible to stains. 

Eating colored foods or smoking will stain your teeth over time, and will never go away unless you try to get rid of them.

colored teeth

4. Sensitivity is Normal

If you find your teeth are extra sensitive after the whitening procedure, don’t panic. It is completely normal, and your teeth will recover after about 12 to 36 hours. You can further speed up the process by using teeth rehydration products recommended by your dentists.

teeth whitening takes time

5. Teeth-Whitening Takes a Long Time

Don’t expect your teeth to be glistening in white after the first teeth-whitening procedure. Some have only seen a noticeable difference after four days, while others may take a few months. Those with severe stains can actually take years to get rid of them. Depending on your situation, once the stains are gone, it is a simple task to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

You need much patience during the teeth-whitening process. Although it takes much effort, time, and money, you can be sure that in the end, you can stand in front of a crowd and smile with confidence. 

If you are looking for an orthodontist to help you with teeth whitening, take a look around in our dental directory.

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